How to hack reading (and learning)

I am currently working on a small course (meaning it will be sold at a small price too) that will help you start with books and then totally immerse yourself in your subject through the use of 19 different web platforms that I believe are currently undervalued and that can help you accelerate your learning.

On top of these 19 tools, I will teach you a method that can help you master any subject in 10 weeks.
I call it the 10 weeks to 10x results framework.

The course will teach you:

  • A clear path to total immersion in your subject to accelerate your learning
  • How to use 19 (sometimes forgotten) platforms that can accelerate your learning and how to cross polinate knowledge between them.
  • A 10 weeks to 10X results framework that will teach you how to learn in an agile way
  • Gain new skills in months instead of years

The course will be title Immersion Theory and I am building it (aiming for a release during Q2 2021). If that sounds like something you would like to buy, you have two options to learn when the course opens: either subscribe to my LVRGD Reports, or simply leave your email in the form below:

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