About ShelfStart.com

ShelfStart is a blog launched in 2021, by Alexandre Poncet as a side project.

He is an absolute “non-fiction geek”.

This blog is a way for him to share the best books he has stumbled upon but also to practice his curator skills on domains he is not already familiar with.

ShelfStart’s mission is two fold: first, it strives to help you fast track your search of the next book you are going to read and second, it aims to provide non-fiction gems that are often overlooked or forgotten.

About Me

Yeah, ok I had my fun speaking to the thrid person in the intro of this page, but let’s be real: I have no staff, and this blog is just a side project around my passion for non-fiction books. So let’s switch to the first person speaking shall we?

So, I’m Alex, I’m from Switzerland (english not my native language at all) and I’m the ultimate non-fiction geek.

I am a marketing consutlant by day, and blogger by night. Beside this blog, I run two newsletters:

  • High Output Marketing, about how tech can help us marketer become more independent and productive.
  • LVRGD Reports, a blog and newsletter at the intersection of health, productivity and strategy.

You’re welcome to sign-up. I’m never spammy and you can always hit reply to start ask question, share some insights or simple chat with me.